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EVENTS AND SHOWS (updated 3/19/12)
To promote our art, Gail and Jeff participate in various art-walks, festivals and other art-related events throughout the valley. If you’d like to buy some art or just meet the artists, you can find us at one of these upcoming events. This schedule is subject to change. We sometimes change venues, so if you are planning to visit us at an event, please check the schedule before you come out to verify we are still scheduled to be at that event.

Friday 5/04/12 – 6pm to 10pm – First Fridays in Phoenix in front of Revolver Records at the corner of 2nd st and Roosevelt

Friday 5/18 – 6pm to 10pm -Downtown Chandler Art Walk

Friday 6/01/12 – 6pm to 10pm – First Fridays in Phoenix in front of Revolver Records at the corner of 2nd st and Roosevelt

Paw Print Artists: Pet Portraits and pet art

Gail McFarland and Jeff Danford are the Paw Print Artists. Jeff is "Paw", Gail is "Print"; They have two main passions: creating art and spending time with their pets. To combine their two passions, they paint custom pet portraits that capture the personality of your pet on canvas. Gail paints mostly in oils—her paintings tell a visual story intended to create an emotional connection. Jeff likes to experiment with shape, texture, and color in his paintings. Gail and Jeff believe in finding good homes for abandoned pets and saving them from being put to death. As a result, all four of Gail and Jeff's dogs are rescue animals and they donate 10% of their commission on every custom pet portrait to Friends for Life, a non-profit organization that finds homes for rescued dogs. In addition to her awesome pet portraits, Gail also creates mosaics using pieces of glossy magazine pages. She calls her technique "Painting with Paper". Her unique mosaics can be seen at Xanadu online gallery; giclees and prints of her work can be purchased at fine art america. When he's not painting unique pet portraits, Jeff is an abstract expressionist, or, in his words, a "dripper". He creates distinctive abstract paintings by dripping paint on the canvas, a technique first popularized by the famous American painter Jackson Pollack. Jeff's colorful drip paintings can be seen at Xanadu Online Gallery; giclees and prints of his work can be seen at fine art america. Gail and Jeff have recently begun collaborating on painting that reflect their respective talents and strengths. The first of these can be seen at Xanadu Online Gallery and at fine art america.

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