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As pet owners themselves, Gail and Jeff know each pet has its own unique personality, and for a pet owner, commissioning a portrait means they want to see that unique personality portrayed on canvas. In our work, we capture the personality of every pet we paint. When you hire  Paw Print Artists, you will have a treasured remembrance of your pet for years to come.

You send us the photo, we’ll send you a painting





Many of Gail and Jeff’s co-workers and friends have commissioned paintings of their pets they proudly display in their offices or homes. Several years ago,one of them purchased a pet portrait for her father who had recently lost his favorite dog. When she gave the painting to him as a Christmas gift, he broke down in tears because the portrait so accurately captured his beloved companion. We have had similar reactions from most of our clients to their custom pet portraits.

You send us the photo, we’ll send you a painting



When you purchase the completed pet portrait, a donation of 10% of the purchase price will be made in your name to Friends for Life Animal Rescue group.

How to order a  custom pet portrait

  1. Send an email to pawprintartists@aol.com with the pet photo  you want painted plus two additional photos showing your pet’s personality. Our ability to capture your pet on canvas depends on the quality of the photos you send. Better pictures will result in a better representation of your in pet in the painting. Select the style of your custom pet portrait from the styles HERE.
  2. We will respond by email asking basic questions about size, type of background, special effects, favorite or hated colors, where you live (for shipping purposes), and a desired completion date.
  3. After receiving your answers, we will email you a price quote for the painting that includes shipping and insurance. All prices are quoted for unframed, gallery-wrapped,  canvas on 1 3/4 ” stretcher bars.
  4. Once you accept the price quote, we will begin the portrait. A small deposit will be required before we can begin your portrait.
  5. When the portrait is completed, we will email you a photo of the finished portrait. If you like it, then we will arrange for payment.
  6. After we receive payment, we will ship the painting to you.
  7. After you receive your portrait, a cafepress.com store will be established so you can purchase shirts, cups and other products featuring your custom pet portrait.

Note: All photos sent via email will have a watermark that will not appear on the painted portrait. Any photos of the portrait, as well as the actual painted piece, are copyrighted. Paw Print Artists reserve the right to reproduce the portrait for use in prints, products, or promotional materials.

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Paw Print Artists: Pet Portraits and pet art

Gail McFarland and Jeff Danford are the Paw Print Artists. Jeff is "Paw", Gail is "Print"; They have two main passions: creating art and spending time with their pets. To combine their two passions, they paint custom pet portraits that capture the personality of your pet on canvas. Gail paints mostly in oils—her paintings tell a visual story intended to create an emotional connection. Jeff likes to experiment with shape, texture, and color in his paintings. Gail and Jeff believe in finding good homes for abandoned pets and saving them from being put to death. As a result, all four of Gail and Jeff's dogs are rescue animals and they donate 10% of their commission on every custom pet portrait to Friends for Life, a non-profit organization that finds homes for rescued dogs. In addition to her awesome pet portraits, Gail also creates mosaics using pieces of glossy magazine pages. She calls her technique "Painting with Paper". Her unique mosaics can be seen at Xanadu online gallery; giclees and prints of her work can be purchased at fine art america. When he's not painting unique pet portraits, Jeff is an abstract expressionist, or, in his words, a "dripper". He creates distinctive abstract paintings by dripping paint on the canvas, a technique first popularized by the famous American painter Jackson Pollack. Jeff's colorful drip paintings can be seen at Xanadu Online Gallery; giclees and prints of his work can be seen at fine art america. Gail and Jeff have recently begun collaborating on painting that reflect their respective talents and strengths. The first of these can be seen at Xanadu Online Gallery and at fine art america.

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