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8/9/12 – Gail is now a member of the Mesa Art league.

3/24/12-Some of Gail and Jeff’s southwestern paintings are showing at fineartamerica.com

3/24/12-one of Jeff’s feet paintings is now showing at fineartamerica.com

3/24/12-Gail and Jeff are showing some of their chihuahua paintings at fineartamerica.com

3/23/12-Gail and Jeff are showing some of their dog paintings at fineartamerica.com

3/23/12-gail and Jeff are showing some of their pet paintings at fineartamerica.com

3/23/12-Gail and Jeff are showing some of their saguaro paintings at fineartamerica.com

3/23/12-Gail and Jeff are showing some of their nude paintings at fineartamerica.com

3/23/12-gail and Jeff are showing some of their trees paintings at fineartamerica.com

3/23/12-Gail and Jeff are showing some of their animal paintings at fineartamerica.com
3/22/12- Gail and Jeff have some of their southwest paintings showing at fineartamerica.com

3/22/12-Gail and Jeff have some of their arizona paintings at fineartamerica.com

3/22/12- Gail and Jeff have some of their desert paintings showing at fineartamerica.com
3/21/12 – Gail’s painting prickly pear paintings is now showing on fineartamerica.com

3/1/12 – Jeff will be in front of Revolver Records at the corner of 2nd st and Roosevelt for First Friday in Phoenix on March 2nd.

3/1/12 – “Name this painting” – There is a new painting that needs a name. Click HERE for details.

2/5/12 – Jeff and Gail are now members of the Gold Canyon Arts Council

1/10/12 – Jeff is the new program director for the Mesa Art League (MAL) meetings. If you or someone you know is interested in presenting at a future meeting, please contact Jeff at pawprintartists@aol.com.

1/5/12 – Jeff is now a member of the Gilbert Visual Arts League (GVAL).

9/26/11 – My first ever “Name this Painting’ contest was a success! many people suggest names for the painting and many people voted on those names. the winning name was submitted by Mo Portley, who will receive a free art poster of the painting which is now entitled “Solar Flare”. Also receiving free posters are Rick Rowen and Scott Wolfe.  Check here

9/26/11 – Jeff will be putting on a series of Abstract Painting workshops in Apache Junction on selected Saturday afternoons. Go to Superstition Art House website for details and workshop schedule.

9/26/11 – Jeff will be teaching a series of social art classes at Superstition Art House in Apache Junction. Thursday classes will be donut and coffee classes. Bring your coffee and donuts and paint a canvas. Alternate Thursdays will be birdhouse Thursdays; instead of painting a canvas, you will paint a birdhouse. Saturday evening classes will be Party ‘n Paint classes; bring your favorite wine or beer and paint while you sip.  Go to Superstition Art House for details and schedule of workshops.

9/20/11 – Jeff has joined the Board of Directors of SACA (Superstition Area Cultural Alliance).

9/14/11 – Gail and I are now both members of the Artists of the Superstitions.

9/13/11 – I was just informed I have been accepted as a vendor artist to the Art in the Park festival in Sierra Vista later this month.

9/11/11 – Wow! The response to my first “Name this Painting” contest was phenomenal. I received 30 suggested titles for the painting. Congratulations to Rick Rowen, who won the drawing for a free art poster of the painting.

Now the fun starts. You have the opportunity to vote on the name you like the most. Please go to the contest page.  Review the suggested titles, then follow the instructions at the bottom of the page for voting on the name you like the most. Please vote just once. Everyone casting a vote will be put into a drawing for a free (including free shipping) 18″ x 24″ autographed art poster of the painting. The person whose name gets selected will also win a free art poster.

9/9/11 – Jeff was just informed he has been accepted as member of the Mesa Art League. Am looking forward to attending first meeting next week.

9/8/11 – Jeff just came up with a new contest, called “Name this Painting”. For details click here.

9/7/11 – Jeff just received notification that he has been accepted to Sunnyslope Art Festival in October. Whoo hoo!


Jeff attended the SACA art festival committee meeting this morning. This is going to be fun. I get to hopefully influence the planning from a vendor’s perspective.


Jeff attended the meeting of AJ CofC Tourism Committee today. I think I’ll make a habit of  it. A lot of  people their committed to improving the quality of life in AJ and making it a tourist destination.

9/1/11 – It’s that time of year again, that I’m building my fall event schedule. You can view our schedule here.

8/20/11 – Jeff has redesigned his political blog, “Conscience of a Centrist“, based on feedback solicited from his readers. He is really happy with the result and hopes you will find the changes pleasing, too.

8/15/11 – Gail has been settling into her new school. She loves her classroom and loves the management style of  the administration. She is really going to like it there.


Jeff is excited, also. They bought  a used Hyundai Santa Fe that Jeff will use for his art events. Everything he needs for his events will fit INSIDE. No more having to tie down stuff on top of the old PT Cruiser. Whoo Hoo!

8/1/11 – It’s been an eventful summer for Gail and me. I am no longer associated with SunDust Gallery, as Ron has decided to work in the gallery full time.  Despite high foot traffic and rising sales, the gallery could not at this time support both of us, and since it is his gallery, I had to go. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with SunDust and have had the pleasure of meeting many fabulous artists and handling some incredible art work.

I have decided to concentrate more on building our own art business. Look for exciting developments in the coming months.


Gail has been teaching at Gilbert Jr. High since 2006 and has thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the friends she made there. Alas, things change, and Gail has signed a contract with Cactus Canyon Jr. High in Apache Junction. She is really excited and looking forward to a new adventure. CCJH is a highly rated school, and the best art is it is only 2.5 miles form our house.

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Paw Print Artists: Pet Portraits and pet art

Gail McFarland and Jeff Danford are the Paw Print Artists. Jeff is "Paw", Gail is "Print"; They have two main passions: creating art and spending time with their pets. To combine their two passions, they paint custom pet portraits that capture the personality of your pet on canvas. Gail paints mostly in oils—her paintings tell a visual story intended to create an emotional connection. Jeff likes to experiment with shape, texture, and color in his paintings. Gail and Jeff believe in finding good homes for abandoned pets and saving them from being put to death. As a result, all four of Gail and Jeff's dogs are rescue animals and they donate 10% of their commission on every custom pet portrait to Friends for Life, a non-profit organization that finds homes for rescued dogs. In addition to her awesome pet portraits, Gail also creates mosaics using pieces of glossy magazine pages. She calls her technique "Painting with Paper". Her unique mosaics can be seen at Xanadu online gallery; giclees and prints of her work can be purchased at fine art america. When he's not painting unique pet portraits, Jeff is an abstract expressionist, or, in his words, a "dripper". He creates distinctive abstract paintings by dripping paint on the canvas, a technique first popularized by the famous American painter Jackson Pollack. Jeff's colorful drip paintings can be seen at Xanadu Online Gallery; giclees and prints of his work can be seen at fine art america. Gail and Jeff have recently begun collaborating on painting that reflect their respective talents and strengths. The first of these can be seen at Xanadu Online Gallery and at fine art america.

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